First Time?

First Time?

Things you should know before contacting an escort for the first time.

Escorts are humans with souls and we have chosen to do this as our career. We deserve respect and consideration just like anyone else in life. We never answer rude or short communications like “Hey you available?” Or “Can I do _____ and _____ to you?” If you cannot be a gentleman in an email, it is likely you will not be a gentleman in person.

You should introduce yourself through my contact form, then tell me about yourself. What do you like? What are your desires and what makes you happy? What type of experience are you looking for and for how long ? Is this your first time or are you a verified client who has credentials like a P411 membership?


You should be honest and up front. As a companion , I base my career on quality and honesty . Just as you have checked out my credentials, photo gallery, and reviews, I would also like to know who I am going out with. 

We have lots to deal with in this business and are usually matter of fact until we actually meet and see you are a real person and not a time waster. Screening time wasters is an unfortunate part of this business. I am sincere and my goal is to provide you with an unforgettable experience. I thrive on repeat business and prefer regular friends to newbies.

However, I realize you have to start as a newbie to become a regular 😉😇 So if you are looking for a lifetime friendship and a beautiful companion then it’s best to set forth on a good path. First impressions count.

Do not expect endless conversations and daily phone calls leading up to your appointment as your provider is busy running around to nail appointments and spray tan sessions and hair appointments to ensure she is on point and always looking her best for you. The money you spend on a provider goes into taking care of her beauty and health needs and you should feel good about the money you invest in your girl. I personally get turned on when a man is generous and spoils me. It makes me feel special and it makes me want to do things to make him feel special. It’s a win win. So don’t ask for a discount or try to get more time instead do the opposite and be kind, generous and respectful. It goes a lot farther and it’s all about perspective and perception in this world. So relax and enjoy the world of being an elite client where you can have your dream girl because you have earned it and you deserve the memories of a lifetime. 

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