I recently received a wonderfully detailed review by a gentleman client and thought I’d share it here as well as E.M.

General Description

5-Star Spinner. Petite, tiny, fireball packed with passion. South Coast meet up for 2 hours over drinks and more. Will repeat!

The Juicy Details

Lily fulfills my tiny spinner fantasy perfectly. Cute and diminutive on the outside, explosive fiery despot on the inside. I saw her tweets (@lilyfunsize) and clicked to her pink website ( enjoying her photo gallery. Easy booking form and fast email reply with confirmation. Communication and setup were courteous with hints of flirtation. She wore all pink to my outcall hotel in Boston South Shore area. I met her in the lobby and was absolutely thrilled to see her! She is definitely as advertised, tiny and petite, under 5 feet and shared a sexy smile above her head to to pink ensemble. Back to the room for bourbon on the balcony. Perfect night to clink glasses, get acquainted, the build up to connecting bodies. Lily was amazing to watch, let alone feel. Expert hands matched soft lips with lots of passionate kissing and groping on the bed. Undressing each other, my fingers explored her already moist pussy lips while she unzipped me and took me all in with her warm wet mouth. Her fiery energy is undeniable – so much sensual passion and so eager to please! I had to pause and catch my breath – and regain focus – several times. She playfully put on the hat with a smile and said “let’s go stud” but I wanted to taste her first. Sliding her panties off, raising her legs high and teasing her thighs with my tongue I was rewarded by soft moans. My lips met hers, softly teasing some more just over her clot, lingering. One more moan and my fingers parted her to take her in gully, allowing my tongie to probe. She was so sweet and so much fun to take in! Following grinding hips, arching back and louder moans I had to take her. Throbbing under tje hat, I entered her slowly at first with a grind meeting each other. Her body was putty in my hands and arms – so tiny and easy to position! I lasted as long as I could until pulling out ripping off the hat and exploding on her tight tummy. God what a high! We cuddled and sipped more water and bourbon while I caught my breath. I let my eyes and fingers wander over her amazingly petite and tight body. I loved playing with her tiny, sensitive titties and eventually probing her womanhood again. Laying her back I tasted her sweet soaking lips again and took more time to savor her, let her body respond to me, feel when to slow and when to speed. She let out A delightfully loud round of moans. Hungry for each other she pushed my shoulders back for me to lie down and her to climb aboard (covered by now). Oh what magic she can do! She actually spun from RCG to face me – something I had only seen in porn, and her wicked sexy smile pushed me further and further up into her with passion. This was unlike anything I had had before and I knew it in that moment, making this last with all my will and thinking to myself what a lucky SOB I am in the middle of fucking one of the sexiest lays ever. This time my O was explosive in the hat and nearly blacked out it was so good. Summer nights call for more rendezvous and Lily will stay at the top of my list for new encounters. Highly recommend

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